JULES et JIM - presents "Synchronised" - ("Swimming 12" + "Subtitles" EP + 2 unreleased tracks)

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01 Xalium 05:33
02 Stertaline 03:02
03 Fluoxeline 08:52
04 Opiates 04:15
Four ambient tracks to help you get numb enough so it's bearable.
Released March 29, 2019

Glassko copyright tracks 02 04  /  Fayzer copyright racks 01 03

GLASSKO and FAYZER - presents "Music To Relax To While You Struggle Under A Tory Government"

It was 1999 and we were on fire. The combination of music computer software and the internet had just made collaboration a piece of gateau. The Jules et Jim project was hatched. We recorded, we remixed, we released.
We forgot about it. Then we remembered.
As a celebration, we present the original tracks, the remixes and some unreleased material.
released June 8, 2019

Melodies, lyrics and singing by Julianne Regan
Music by Jean-Marc Lederman

Heaven's just an endless sky

alive with galaxies and universes

pulsing with electrons

10 to the power of almost 80

nothing takes my breath away more violently than the rapture of revelation

nothing makes my heart beat

like the beauty of science


​​ "A collaborative musical project, initiated by Stephen Carey (formerly of This Burning Effigy and Adoration) and involving a collection of guest musicians and vocalists; later joined by Tony Pettitt (formerly of Fields of the Nephilim, Rubicon and NFD)."

I co-wrote and sang three songs on their debut album as well as singing their cover of '(Remember) Walking In The Sand'.


ashamed I sent you flowers

as hours elastic 

ripen into heavy neverending

rushing slow to catch you

through sadly quiet corridors

of early morning

if I could kill this silence

I would fill it up with all my love

uselessly a rosary is said

for now I love the dead more than the living

a star in the heart of darkness

build a bridge over ice cold oceans

to tell you how I'm feeling

but Her Royal Majesty won't let me

you pilot her war plane

cut love dead with an emailed Stingray

this is how I'm feeling

when tomorrow's trash

is yesterday's treasure


Tim Bowness & Giancarlo Erra 

Just some vocal swoops and textures from me on this very beautiful song. It's taken from the album Warm Winter. 

The 10th anniversary expanded edition of this 2011 album is now issued as 'Memories of Machines', available on Bandcamp.

I co-wrote the song 'Madam G' with Wayne, which appears on his  album 'Songs of Candlelight & Razorblades'.

"Madam G, a noir kissed slice of melancholic yet radiant melodic moodiness." 

- (The Ringmaster Review)

The album is available here.

annA rydeR and I did a show at Banbury Mill back in 2001

and we had a ball. Thankfully, our friend Derek Timbrell

captured the joy. However, here's one of the more melancholy

moments. It's a song I wrote a long time ago. If you want the 

​joy, you can find it here.

THE MISSION and I go back a long way. I've sung backing vocals on several albums, AAE toured with them, and Wayne Hussey and I released an album of covers, 'CURIOS', at one time. It can be found on iTunes and Amazon. Below is The Mission's appearance on the OGWT. The song is Severina. I'm on backing vocals and Tim Bricheno is on guest guitar.

​​TIM SMITH / CARDIACS / SEA NYMPHS (Leader of the Starry Skies) 

Back in 2010, friends and admirers of the late lamented genius Tim Smith, contributed covers of Tim's songs in order to raise funds for his treatment following a debilitating stroke. I was honoured to be involved and contributed the following. The middle section is a direct lift from Mr William D Drake's work on the original. Thanks to him. The album is currently available to stream and is also available on Heavy 180g Double Vinyl. Links here. Much more Tim / Cardiacs related stuff on Bandcamp, here.

My contribution was the song 'Shaping the River' by Sea Nymphs.