​​​​JUNE 2020  LETTERS TO GODS (AND FALLEN ANGELS Jean-Marc Lederman and guests.


God Is In The TV zine has released 'Pictures of You', a compilation of covers of songs by The Cure in aid of MIND, the mental health charity.

I've contributed cover of The Drowning Man Released on Friday the 4th of August.

Available here.

Andrew                                        Doctor! Doctor!                             Skylights     

and digital download.

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TOS2020 - Julianne guest vocals



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MARCH 2023

"Letter From JP Aston ft. Julianne Regan – This gentle ballad from the Gene Loves  Jezebel members is full of defiance. Beautiful harmonies and lush layering. Aston’s  voice has always had a calming and sparking effect. These gentle string plucks  vibrate the wave of angelic harps. I don’t believe in angels, don’t need angels. A masterful portrayal of indecision in the face of unanswerable questions." ​- Ken Magerman (Sounds and Shadows)

​Available​​  here.


Two uploads to YouTube channel

​The Dadaists - It's Where The Heart Is (23rd December) and Regan and Bricheno - In The Bleak Midwinter (24th December)

Artwork byKevin Alvir 

The Anchoress includes Martha's Harbour on her album 'VERSIONS'. 

I co-wrote and provided vocals on a song called 'Star Struck Eyes' which appears on 
Mark Gemini Thwaite's solo album. Mark has been a member of The Mission.

"Julianne Regan’s velvety smooth voice gives the sparkling acoustic arpeggios and suitably subtle atmospheres of “Star Struck Eyes” a sultry, almost ‘80s glam tone that makes for one of the album’s more intoxicating moments."  - Ilker Yücel,  Regen Magazine

"Mark Gemini Thwaite isn’t a self-centred show off on the guitar either...that is why fragile and beautiful tracks like ‘Star Struck Eyes’ (voiced by All About Eve’s Julianne Regan) can coexist with the gothic pomp...' - Johnny H, Uber Rock Magazine.

​​​​SEPT 2019  LE CYGNE NOIR - 'NO RETURN' (Backing vocals) - Taken from the album 'Shadow of a Wrecking Ball'


Wayne Hussey and friends remade of the classic Mission anthem 'Tower Of Strength' in support of key workers dealing with Covid-19 globally.
All proceeds went to charities personally chosen by each contributor to TOS2020.  Visit the TOS2020 website:


Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Budgie (The Creatures / Siouxsie and the Banshees)  Gary Numan, Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel),  Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus), Kirk Brandon (Theatre of Hate / Spear of Destiny), Lol Tolhurst (The Cure / LXB),  Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)  Midge Ure, Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff), Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) / The Soft Cavalry), Tim Palmer, Trentemøller.​

My Dreamworld, a co-write with Lilac Haze

is available on all major platforms for streaming (seemingly a necessary evil)  

JULY 2023

JULY 2022

LE CYGNE NOIR  releases three singles: 'Andrew' and 'Skylights', which he sings, and a cover of Doctor! Doctor! (by the Thompson Twins), with Ashton Nyte (of The Awakening) singing lead vocals and me on backing. Available where you would usually have your musical digital needs satisfied.

Purchase and listening links below

"The dystopian and somewhat Sci-Fi theme of the work resulted in a deeply, cinematic inspired work. From vintage electronic sounds to psychedelic guitar play, this work sounds a bit like the offspring between Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd".(Side-Line Magazine)

Oh my the planet is dying on us

We’ve passed the point of no return

And all the fuel you’ve ever burnt

Did you think you’d ever learn?

I watched it on TV, all the plastic in the sea

We’ve been chucking it in there since 1903

There’s nothing more to say.

This irreversible decay, it's here to stay

We are rotting away.

(Lyrics by Le Cygne Noir)


The Curious Creatures podcast is Lol Tolhurst from The Cure and

Budgie of The Slits / Siouxsie and the Banshees fame, chatting to

various people. They had a chat with me, and you can find Part 1 of

that here

If you've not already read it, you may enjoy Lol's book 'Cured'

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