This is Corsham Court,  just one of Bath Spa University's beautiful campuses.

BSU offers BA Commercial Music, an Integrated MA Commercial Music and an MMus / MA in Songwriting

If you’re thinking of starting a master's course on or after 1 August 2016, you could be eligible for a loan from the UK government of up to £10,000.

My own personal experience of the master's programme was that it formalised my experience, led me into a teaching career, and enhanced and challenged my own songwriting skills

Places are offered on the basis of the student's experience, potential and commitment as a songwriter. Normally, but not invariably, applicants have a first degree (or equivalent music industry experience) plus a substantial body of recorded work, equal to that which would be obtained as part of a related undergraduate course.

Applications are invited from candidates with a range of academic disciplines and from a variety of national backgrounds. Where an applicant does not have a degree, he or she is required to complete an APEL (Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience) form.

Prof. Joe Bennett Professor of Popular Music and Dean of School of Music & Performing Arts, Bath Spa University (2008-2015) and currently Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Boston Conservatory At Berklee

Bath Spa University Postgraduate Degree in Songwriting and  BA Commercial Music Degree

Jimmy Webb  'Tunesmith - Inside the Art of Songwriting"

Jason Blume  "Six Steps to Songwriting Success"

Rikky Rooksby  "Lyrics - Writing Better Words for your Songs"

The Circle of Fifths  A handy tool

Isle of Noises by Daniel Racher - Conversations with Great British Songwriters

Waterloo Sunset Sheet Music