The Singer-Songwriter Handbook   An inspiring and insightful resource for those working within the sphere of popular music and songwriting; students and educators alike. Where other titles would have us trudge in ever-decreasing circles through the rudiments of songform, the ‘mathematics’ of songwriting available at the flick of an Internet search, The Singer-Songwriter Handbook offers impressively fresh insight into the art, regarding innovation and performance, and with consideration to the wider context of the music industry. There is value here for songwriters of all persuasions, from bedsit acoustic to electro cut-up and collage, and much in between. I shall be recommending this to my students, and as a songwriter myself, I'll be using it to clear away any haunting strands of cobweb in my own work.

Bath Spa University Postgraduate Degree in Songwriting and  BA Commercial Music Degree

Prof. Joe Bennett   Professor of Popular Music and Dean of School of Music & Performing Arts, Bath Spa University (2008-2015) and currently Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Boston Conservatory At Berklee

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