JUNE 2020

CHAPTER :  'Three Pronged Attack: The Pincer Movement of Gender Allies,Tempered Radicals and Pioneers.' 


Chapter in VENUE STORIES  - (Equinox Publishing) 2023 

Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Folk Horror. - London: Routledge : 2023

JULY 2021

Think piece published on LOUDER THAN WAR :


One thing the pandemic has taught us is that art and music is created by

ordinary people doing extraordinary things


A MEMOIR  - I'm only 20,000 words in and that's taken forever. Let's see.

The above excerpt is scrollable.

‚Äč"The field of music production has for many years been regarded as male-dominated. Despite growing  acknowledgement of this fact, and some evidence of diversification, it is clear that gender representation on the whole remains quite unbalanced. Gender in Music Production brings together industry leaders, practitioners, and academics to present and analyze the situation ofgender within the wider context of music production as well as to propose potential directions for the future of the field. This much-anticipated volume explores a wide range of topics, covering historical and contextual perspectives on women in the industry, interviews, case studies, individual position pieces, as well as informed analysis of current challenges and opportunities for change.
Ground-breaking in its synthesis of perspectives, Gender in Music Production offers a broadly considered and thought-provoking resource for professionals, students, and researchers working in the field of music production today."


Think piece published on LOUDER THAN WAR :

"AGE CANNOT WITHER THEM? - The art of the musical memoir"