The new Mission album, 'Another Fall From Grace', was released on September 30th, and is accurately described by Wayne Hussey himself as  '...the lost link between The Sisters Of Mercy ‘First And Last And Always’ and The Mission’s ‘God’s Own Medicine’.

JULIANNE GUESTS on new MISSION ALBUM  -  Julianne was invited to sing guest backing vocals on a couple of tracks, and delightedly accepted, neatly linking back 30 years to 1986, when she sang on the band's debut album, her most notable contribution being to their UK top 30 hit  Severina. She has sung across several Mission releases, including the  Andy Partridge co-produced 'Hands Across the Ocean', which reached number 7 in the US Modern Rock charts in 1990.

You can order the new album here.



Julianne has co-written and provided vocals on a song called 'Star Struck Eyes' which appears on Mark Gemini Thwaite's solo album. Mark has been a member of The Mission and has worked as a guitarist with several artists, including Gary Numan and  Peter Murphy

"Julianne Regan’s velvety smooth voice gives the sparkling acoustic arpeggios and suitably subtle atmospheres of “Star Struck Eyes” a sultry, almost ‘80s glam tone that makes for one of the album’s more intoxicating moments."  - Ilker Yücel,Regen Magazine

"Mark Gemini Thwaite isn’t a self-centred show off on the guitar either...that is why fragile and beautiful tracks like ‘Star Struck Eyes’ (voiced by All About Eve’s Julianne Regan) can coexist with the gothic pomp of ‘The Reaping’ and somehow also come together as one on ‘Jesamine’ (Poetry & Ice)" - Johnny H, Uber Rock Magazine